A of C Friends and Family Pantry

The pantry is for A of C members and their friends, family, and neighbors in need. The pantry includes food, hygene items, household items (paper towels, toilet paper), and there is a shelf in the freezer for frozen food.

Save those ink cartridges!

If you throw out your ink cartridges or just drop them off at a store where you don't get any rewards for recycling, save them and bring them in to church!

Staples and Office Depo have ink cartridge recycling programs that give store credit for each cartridge. The store credit can be used on anything, with no minimum purchase. The credit from the collected cartridges will be used to buy toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning products to be added to the Pantry. There is a collection bin for the cartridges in the Kingdom Project collection area.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember to check for clearance items!

When you're shopping, why not make a quick check of the toothbrush/toothpaste, shaving, soap, and deodarant isles?  Sometimes there will be a particular item on clearance.  Many drigstores and grocery stores will also have a clearance shelf somewhere.  In drugstores this is uaually and endcap facing the wall. 

Yesterday I went to the CVS on 13 and Woodward and they had Gleem toothpaste on clearance for 50 cents, making it 53 cents after tax!

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